Discolored Carpet Restoration

There can be a range of reasons why carpet produces a yellowish compound which leaves the carpet yarns coated with stains. Exposure to heat and open flames are the common causes stains on the carpet. Liquid spills and pet excretion can also be the cause of carpet damage due to stains.

Carpets with stain are mostly treated with the acid rinse procedures. Exposure to acid can alter the natural complexion of the carpet. Carpets will return to their former color once our carpet technicians have started their restoration process with their specialized tools.

Vicious and heavy stains will disappear up to its fibers through the procedures done by our carpet cleaners. With their efficiency and total commitment to providing the best services to clients, you can rest assure that you get what's worth every penny you're spending for your carpeting.

You can reach us with our number in case you need intensive stain removal for your carpets. We are happy doing business with you.

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